Did you know that…

Flow (2018) | Urbanature

Here are some interesting facts about “Flow.” Did you know that…

Flow” was partially composed and fully mixed at Urbanature Studio, just 200 meters from the beach, and that all members of the band are surfers?

Did you know that…

“The Rebirth,” the opening track of “Flow,” is made of two parts, with the first one having been composed in the early 2000s and the second one created between 2015 and 2017?

The Rebirth | Urbanature

Did you know that…

“Plug and Pay,” the single and second track from “Flow,” is one of the few Urbanature songs that features vocal samples from one of the band members.

You can actually hear him say:

“My mind is playing tricks on you. And you know what? You ain’t going nowhere. Nowhere!”

Plug and Pay | Urbanature

Did you know that…

The voice of Sarah Patel can be heard on “Chasing the Sun,” the third track from “Flow,” and that it is the second time she appears as a guest in a Urbanature album?

Sarah recorded her voice for the band’s debut record “Evergr33n” in 1998 when she was only 5 years old.

Now aged 25, Patel returns to interpret Catherine Deneuve’s lines in the movie “Belle de Jour” featured in the song “Chasing the Sun.”

Chasing the Sun | Urbanature

Did you know that…

“Piano Delay,” the fourth track from “Flow,” features the voice of Maria Manuela Cardoso, the sister of Urbanature’s drummer Francisco Cardoso?

The song was originally composed in the late 1990s.

At the time, the band invited a famous Portuguese singer to write lyrics and a vocal melody for it, but later decided to keep it instrumental.

Piano Delay | Urbanature

Did you know that…

During the recording of Urbanature’s new album, AMP studio music producer Paulo Miranda suggested the inclusion of a guitar fingering part at the end of “The Following,” the fifth track from “Flow”?

The band accepted the recommendation and added it to the final version.

The Following | Urbanature

Did you know that…

“Stellar Path,” the sixth track from Urbanature’s new album, features sound samples from NASA – National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s Project Mercury and Apollo, and Space Shuttle Discovery.

It is also one of the band’s favorite songs in “Flow.”

Stellar Path | Urbanature

Did you know that…

“The Waterworld Song” is one the first songs composed by Urbanature, and one of the few in the band’s repertoire that doesn’t follow the standard verse-and-chorus structure?

The final version heard in “Flow” includes a last-minute Arabic vocal add-on.

The Waterworld Song | Urbanature

Did you know that…

“Interlude: The Ancient Planet,” the eighth track in “Flow,” is intended to be a short melodic bridge between the day and night parts of the album?

The song was originally composed in the band’s early office-studio in Porto.

Interlude: The Ancient Planet | Urbanature

Did you know that…

“The Blue Mind,” the ninth track in “Flow,” was inspired by a post-industrial world in which urbanization takes over nature, leaving humans dreaming about the former blue planet they used to live in?

The Blue Mind | Urbanature

Did you know that…

“Hypnotic,” the last track of the album “Flow,” is a club-inspired song that was composed on a very hot summer afternoon.

The song came up during a jam session at an office-studio where Urbanature rehearsed for a while.

All members of the band were playing with headphones on, and only they could hear the music they were creating.

Hypnotic | Urbanature